Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I need your help!

I need your help.
I am a master’s-prepared nurse.  This is my story.
Back in April last year 2011, I worked the night shift at Banner Del E. Webb Hospital in Sun City, Arizona.   One of my patients was critically ill with liver disease.  I  assessed their knowledge of their illness and found that they didn't understand their disease, the lab tests, medications, or the self-care  needed to recover from a liver transplant for which they were being evaluated.  By my assessment, no one had ever discussed hospice care with them, even though a consulting physician had noted in the chart that the only two options for the patient were transplant or hospice.
I had worked on a transplant unit for five years at another hospital and was used to having conversations with patients about preparing for the evaluation and post-transplant self-management. 
There was no patient education in the room about the evaluation nor did they even know there was an evaluation.  They thought they were going to get the organ the next day. They had no clue there was a process or that there was even the chance they wouldn't be a candidate for the liver transplant.  
 The patient was under the impression they were going to be zipped on over to another hospital to get another organ and sent right back home "to start life over again."
The patient asked for  a hospice consult to ask more questions and to evaluate their options.  I placed a case management consult for hospice with a note that it was at the patient's request.   I documented everything in the patient’s record.  The doctor became furious and insisted I be fired. 
I was fired and  the hospital filed a complaint with the Arizona State Board for Nursing.  
I am a single mother.  I have found myself unemployed and “untouchable” in the eyes of other employers.  I have to defend myself  for my daughter.  I need help to pay for my defense. I need help with legal fees big time.  I hate to be blunt.   I am trying to stay daughter is pretty scared now.   We just want our life back and our future. I never realized people had this much power. I seriously just want our life to get back to normal. that's all. Nothing huge. 
Will you help me?  I would be grateful for any donation in any amount.

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